Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mr. Manager gets his own band

"Some of the artists are kind of talented. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of The Jerky Boys. They do these prank phone calls. It’s kind of old school, but... I have the tape in my room. I accidentally didn’t burn it yet."

It's the fall and thanks to Fox there's nothing funny on television again. For those with serious or minor Arrested Development withdrawl, there's a few options. Buster shows up in the trailer for Stranger than Fiction, which looks like this year's Oscar-worthy indie flick for Clint Eastwood to stomp on come Awards time. And there's Gob in this prison movie, which looks pretty bad but is directed by Bob Odenkirk, so who knows?

If you're tired of moving images, AD's cast is delving into other areas of the entertainment industry, notably with Michael Cera (George Michael) tryng his hand at music.

The kids of AD always seemed super cool behind a nerdy front, and this was confirmed when my friends spotted Maeby and Bland checking out the Mountain Goats in-store at Amoeba L.A. a few weeks ago. "Where was George Michael?" I asked.

Apparently practicing with his band, The Long Goodbye, who are actually AWESOME. Only 18-years-old, Michael plays guitar and sometimes sings for TLG - which cites influences like Neutral Milk Hotel and Weezer (I'm sure only pre-Green Weez, though). Michael even sports a serious Rivers Cuomo style in most of the band's pics on their MySpace page.

TLG has one rocker ("Nothing at All") and a couple beautiful acoustic songs up on MySpace.

"Can I Call You Mine" reminds me a bit of Rogue Wave's "Postage Stamp World", but I think it tops it. I haven't heard a cuter song in ages with Michael's unabashed vocals and the perfect harmonica accompaniment. I can't stop listening to it.

I don't know if this band will achieve a Phantom Planet or, dare I say, 30 Seconds to Mars level of success, but The Long Goodbye is no novelty act. They aren't playing live regularly, and don't appear to have any kind of record deal, but I think they're on the right track and I can't wait to check them out next time they play.

Check out Michael and band-mate Clark dance around the house in this DIY music video. Better than OK Go, or at least more adorable.

"I was going to smoke the marijuana, like a cigarette."


Mark S. said...

The kid who played Sam Weir on "Freaks and Geeks" has a band too. I forget what they're called and how to find them and if they're any good. But rest assured, they're out there.

erock said...

I think that Jared Leto has a band too, but I don't know if anyone listens to them, or if there are any people in the band or if they play instruments or have lyrics or music or a myspace page...but they totally exist

Joshical said...

erock? Is that Eric? I think I sold you a Digital Music Corp Ground Control. WEIRD!
So yeah, Jared Leto has a band. They won best band of the year on the MTV music awards, so I think you're being scarcastic about not knowing if they really exist. Maybe you're serious, I cant tell.
I love arrested development but they might not want to get too serious about music here.

sydney said...

the long goodbye is a GREAT band. pilgrim is my favorite, or hovering. im not sure, but either way, their music is wonderful.
clark and michael are funny guys, too! :)